EIA and the issue of crude quality, impact of banking crisis and France’s strikes on energy markets, Russia’s oil exports, and more
Saudi budget and oil prices, Texas vs. OPEC, US long-term oil and gas exports, US SPR, Russia’s oil exports, Chinese oil demand, and more
Saudi-Russia meeting, OPEC and NOPEC, US crude exports to Europe, Japan and the price cap, OECD taxes on gasoline and diesel, and more
Oil prices, Saudi and Algerian reaction to NOPEC bill, fuel taxes and electric vehicles, Russia, India, the UK, and more
Russia’s oil exports to Turkey, oil prices, OPEC forecasts, offshore activities and more
US crude imports from Saudi Arabia and Iraq, India’s oil payments to Russia, oil prices, Russia, China, Germany, and more
"Reaching an agreement with Iran is unlikely to affect the decisions of OPEC+ on oil production." and "We are far from seeing the flourishing of Iran’s…
Russia’s Petroleum Products Exports to OPEC+ Members, Price Cap & the US Treasury Department, Saudi-Iran Relations, India, China, the EU, and more
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